End Times? Part 4

How to be Salt and bring flavor to the world

I wrote last week about the Beginnings of Sorrows as it is laid out in Matthew 24. The passage is filled with warnings. Maybe a better word would be expectations. The Lord is saying as we get closer to the end, expect things like this to happen.

Like what? Expect persecution to progress to the point of hatred and assault – even death. We are seeing this progression even in our own nation.

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Thoughts on Our World – Part 2

Bethany and I have been going through a book by Dr. Eric Mason called Woke Church. Woke being a description of the church as awake, aware, and active. He explains how short the church has fallen in terms of justice and mercy. He also speaks of how Christ’s earthly ministry involved confronting the religious people of the time. He confronted the Pharisees and Sadducees about the burden that they placed on the people while ignoring the important matters of justice and mercy. Christ dug deep and exposed the evil lurking in their hearts.

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Thoughts on Our World – Part 1

The Gospel has a standard that is much higher than we, as humans without Christ, could ever understand. It is far too common that the adopted identity of the general public or at least what is portrayed, is a one-dimensional, shallow, caricature that resembles something out of CNN or FOX NEWS. If one side is for any given position, the other is almost predictably against that issue.

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End Times?

Matthew 24 – Part 3 “Is it the end?”

We have seen two movements in the Lord’s answers to their questions. Now, in verse 29 he moves to another event – answering perhaps the last question- when is Christ coming? Verses 29-33 seem to be a very abbreviated version of the events listed in the Book of Revelation.

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End Times?

Matthew 24 – Part 2 “Abomination of Desolation”

Remember, the disciples had asked several questions. They wanted signs. The Lord answers them. The thoughts from yesterday were about the ‘beginnings of sorrows’-but now in verse 15 there is a move to another event – ‘abomination of desolation’ – at this point the focus seems to shift from global to Jerusalem.

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End Times?

Matthew 24 – Part 1 “Beginnings of Sorrows”

We look around at the events in our world right now and ask, What is going on? Is this the end? A quick look at Matthew 24 may help us. Christ is answering the question of when it will all end – when will He return?

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Did you know? Psychologists say that a child’s moral compass must be turned on by age seven or they could become pathological morally.

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