Welcome to Esperanza First Taekwondo

Tae Kwon Do is a sport for all ages and ability levels! Your family can enjoy the benefits of fun and exciting exercise together.

Esperanza First offers several Tae Kwon Do programs to give you the best TKD experience!

We have a Family Program, After-School Program, and a Preschool program. You can also check out our Ninja Classes and annual Summer TKD Camp.

We are excited to announce an all new Taekwondo class in Brackettville! This program is modeled after our Family program so classes will be for ages 4 and up. Don’t miss our registration party with food and TKD demonstrations on Saturday September 21st from 11am-1pm at the Fort Clark Springs Teen Center – the fort will be open to the public during this time. All classes will be held at the Teen Center on Fort Clark Springs on Monday nights.

Our Family Program is our longest standing program. It is for ages 4 and up and is designed for families to come and train together. We have special family pricing and our classes meet on Sunday and Thursday evenings.

Our After-School program is for ages 4-12, and is a recreational TKD that focuses strongly on character development and self defense. It is also a great time for kids to burn off some energy after being in school all day in a structured and safe environment.

Our Preschool program, for ages 3 and 4, is designed to work on pre-Tae Kwon Do skills with children as well as helping them improve coordination and attention span.

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