Reclaiming Instructors

Meet the instructors of our Reclaiming Programs. Senior Instructor Master Jim Wilson and Master Bethany Wilson founded the our Tae Kwon Do school in 2006. We now have 3 main instructors, along with several other black belts who help out in class. The Beautiful Feet Dance School was founded in 2019 by Miss Rebekah Wilson and we now have 3 main instructors.

Senior Instructor Master Jim Wilson

Master Jim Wilson is the Regional Director for schools in Texas and Acuna, Mexico and currently holds the rank of 4th Dan. He has led trips to Zacatecus, Mexico and all along the Texas/Mexico Border. Including trips to the Dallas area, Colorado, Florida and Hong Kong. Master Wilson enjoys studying technique and helping his students learn practical applications of TKD. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Esperanza and holds a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry in World View and Cultural Engagement.

Master Bethany Wilson 

Master Bethany is our highest ranking instructor. She began her TKD training in 2001 at Open Door TKD in Raleigh, NC. During a mission trip to Acuna, Mexico in 2004, she used her TKD skills at VBS and in a demonstration at the Presidential Plaza. She has been using those same skills around the country and even internationally in demonstrations and camps ever since. Master Bethany currently holds the rank of 5th Dan. She enjoys the study of Poomse (forms) the most. She loves to teach Mighty Kids and is currently overseeing our Mighty Kids Program. Among her many talents, Master Bethany also holds a BAM in Music Composition and teaches music lessons at Esperanza. You can also find her teaching a Kickboxing Class with Pastor Jesse Rodriguez. Check out our Fitness page for more info!

Instructor Sarah Pool

Miss Sarah has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for over 3 years now and currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan. She teaches beginners in both our Family and After-School programs, and is passionate about teaching young children. Miss Sarah is an ACE certified personal trainer and particularly enjoys traveling around Texas with our TKD Demo Team helping to host Tae Kwon Do camps and perform in demonstrations. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar, archery, and horseback riding.

Miss Rebekah

Miss Rebekah grew up in Del Rio and got the bulk of her dance training locally. During her senior year of high school, she went to Ballet San Angelo to expand her ballet training. While there she attended classes that covered ballet technique from the bottom up, providing her with a strong knowledge base for teaching. After 8 months there, and many auditions for companies and schools across the country she decided to attend Steps on Broadway’s conservatory program in New York City. She spent 2 years at the conservatory training with some of the best in the industry. Such as Chet Walker, Llyod Culbreath, Nick Palmquist, Kat Ponza, and so many more! In New York not only did Rebekah improve exponentially in her dance technique but she also got opportunities to learn about the business. Through seminars and hands on experience she learned about making reels and resumes, what to expect in auditions, how musicals are made, to name a few. She also got the opportunity to choreograph a piece entitled Ocram Lost and get feedback from Janis Brenner, and other choreographers. Rebekah has always looked forward to a time when she could bring this quality of dance training back to her hometown for other aspiring dancers. Her hope for this school is to provide students with a thorough technique training that will more fully prepare them for a future in dance beyond Del Rio, all within a Christian worldview.

Miss Rebekah has trained in all styles of dance starting with ballet at age 5; she has now been dancing for over 15 years. She attended Miss Georga’s School of Dance, The Firehouse, Miss Annie’s Straight Up Dance, Ballet San Angelo, and Steps on Broadway. Miss Rebekah also attended summer intensives with Ballet Magnificat!, Ad Deum Dance, and The Rockettes mini Intensives.

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