Fitness Classes are our newest ministry here at Esperanza and we are so excited! We are proud to offer free childcare for all fitness classes.

Burn It Workouts

This is an HIIT class designed to include everyone, regardless of fitness level. From those who are experienced athletes to those who are just starting out. Designed for men and women ages 13 and up.

Class Time: Mondays 5:00-6:00pm

Price: $35/month (includes Stretch On & Abs Intensive) or $10 drop in*

Barre Class is for ages 12 and up. Barre classes are relatively low impact making it great for all levels. They focus on small movements and isometric holds in order to strengthen and tone muscles. Barre classes will help you slim down and tone up, as well as increase flexibility.

Class Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm

Price: $35/month or $10 drop in*

Be Calm and Stretch On

In this class we will relax and release our muscles through foam rolling and gentle stretching. This will help to improve posture and achieve a more flexible you! Saturdays 9-9:30am.

Abs Intensive

Come join us as we learn how to stabilize our core, increase balance, and focus on strengthening those tummy muscles.

These two classes are priced together as one but can be taken separately. Saturdays 9:30-10am.

Class Time: Saturdays 9:00-10:00am

Price: $35/month (paired with Burn It Workout) or $10 drop-in*

Baby Bod

Bring that baby bump and come workout with us! Baby Bod is a low-impact class designed for prenatal and post-natal women looking to keep their body in shape.

Class Time: Saturdays 10-10:45am

Price: $25/month or $10 drop-in*

Class Card

If you can’t decide which classes you want to take each month, we’ve got just the thing! Class cards are $40* for 6 classes. They can be used at any of our fitness classes and they don’t expire. With the class card you can combine the Burn It and Barre classes, and you’ll never pay for a class you don’t attend!

*all prices are subject to change

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