On Wednesday nights we have all different types of activities for all ages! We have Contenders, Family Dinner, Centershot, Adult Small Group, Youth Group, and children’s classes for infant to kinder.

First up on a Wednesday night is our Contenders ministry for Middle and High Schoolers. This is a non-contact boxing ministry led by Pastor Jesse. It starts at 5:30 and goes to 8:15. Students will spend the first 45 minutes to an hour learning hand and footwork techniques, hitting on bags, and getting a cardio workout. They will then have dinner together and continue on to youth group for the Bible study portion of the ministry!

Family Dinner starts at 6 and is open until 6:45. Kids eat free and adults are $5. Bring the whole family to eat and fellowship before you get into Bible study!

Starting at 6:45 and going to 8:15 we have Centershot which is an indoor archery program for Kinder through 5th graders! Kids will not only learn about shooting a bow and arrow at Centershot but they will also learn about the importance of making Christ the center of their lives.

The Adult Small Group is being led by Pastor Jim this semester from 7-8:15pm. We will be discussing ethics, learning what philosophers had to say about it and comparing their findings to what the Bible says about it. Dr. Wilson teaches ethics and philosophy at the Junior College in town and this study will be largely based off of scenarios and worldviews that are covered in his class. This class will meet in Java, near the front of the building.

We will have children’s classes for anyone who is not attending Centershot or youth group from 7-8:15. These classes will cover infants through kinder.

Our Youth Group is for 6th grade and up. It starts at 7pm and goes to 8:15. It is led by Pastor Scheller and his wife Anna. The game room for the youth opens at 6:45 so come early to hang out and play some ping pong, or board games!

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