Reclaiming The Arts

The arts are an expression of our emotions and of our creativity and they have the power to touch people and to change them in ways simple words can not. Many Christians feel that the arts are a thing of the world and that they should not partake in things like dance, music, and theater. However it has long been our dream here at Esperanza to see Christians get back into the arts; we believe that Christians should use their artistic gifts to put positive and Godly messages out into the world.  

At Esperanza First we offer Dance classes for ages 2 and up! We have classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe, including a company and a junior company. All of our classes are taught by Rebekah Wilson who recently finished training at the Steps on Broadway Conservatory program in New York City. See more details here – Dance at Esperanza

Our Taekwondo programs are for ages 3 through adults! We have many TKD options including a brand new program in Brackettville that will be kicking off in October! To get more info on which program would be best for your family go to our Taekwondo page

Esperanza First has a quickly growing music school! We have lessons in drums, guitar, and piano for ages 6 and up. Lessons are taught by one of 3 teachers depending on availability and instrument. For more details call us at 830-774-1801 or email us at

One of our newer sports ministries is Centershot. This is an indoor archery program for children from Kindergarten to 5th grade! Classes are on Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15.

We have a boxing ministry on Wednesday nights as well, it is called contenders and is for 6th-12th grade! Students will get training in non-contact boxing, learning hand and footwork techniques, hitting on bags, and getting a cardio workout. More details can be found here – Contenders

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