Homeschool Enrichment

Set your reminders: Fall 2021 Enrollment will begin August 19! All classes will start the week of Sept. 7!

At Esperanza First, we desire to teach and train in a way that glorifies God. We are glad that you and your homeschooling family are interested in this exciting ministry! Our desire is to provide you with a Christ-honoring learning experience that you will find beneficial on several levels.

Esperanza First believes that because parents know their children better than anyone else, that they are uniquely positioned to best instruct and make educational decisions for their children. We are here to support families doing just that! We want to walk beside you and help you give your child the best educational options for him or her.

Homeschool Enrichment Classes have been designed to further enrich the education that you are already doing in your own home. As such, we try to offer classes that are either difficult for some parents to offer at home or are just more “fun” to do in a group setting.

All of our instructors have a background in homeschooling- either as students, teaching parents, or both! They have a passion for homeschooling and a deep desire for your family to experience educational success!

Fall 2021 Class Schedule All classes will meet for a total of 12 weeks, starting Tuesday, September 7 and running through Thursday, December 2. We will take the week of November 22-26 off for Thanksgiving Break.

Fall Classes are here!

Fall 2021 Classes

Art Exploration
S. Westbrook
Pre-k -1st
ABC Animals
S. Westbrook
Pre-K & K
Group Guitar
A. Urteaga
Ancient Egypt
M. Wilson
Marine Life Science
R. Wilson

B. Wilson


HS Enrichment Class Policies

Health: To ensure the health of all our students, we have specific practices in place. During class, masks are optional. Upon class entrance, students must sanitize hands and teachers will take students’ temperatures. If someone in your family has COVID-19 (or has knowingly been exposed), we ask that you refrain from attending class until you have quarantined the recommended 10-day period or been cleared by health professionals to return to class. For all other illnesses, students may attend class after 24 hrs. symptom-free without the use of medications.

Attendance: It is essential that you make every effort to have your child attend class. However, we understand that life-circumstances and health can keep students from attending at times. When you are expecting an absence, please communicate it to your child’s instructor or our office staff. Our teachers are volunteers and we want to value the time they put in by communicating absences in advance if at all possible.

Attitudes and Effort: We expect all students to come ready to learn and to be respectful to both teachers and fellow students. If there are any issues, teachers will be asked to communicate directly with the parents so that they can be corrected by the parent in a quick fashion. Likewise, parents should speak directly to the teacher if there is any issue that needs to be addressed. We also ask that parents hold children accountable for any work they may need to do at home as a part of class assignments.

Thank you for honoring all our students and instructors and keeping them safe and healthy by following our policies!

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