Family TKD

Family TKD is designed for parents and children to train together. Taekwondo is a lifetime sport that can be learned at any age. Our senior instructor Master Jim Wilson didn’t begin training in Taekwondo until he was 50. Just before his daughter, Master Bethany, received her 1st Dan Black Belt.

We have promoted 38 black belts through our Family program!

Mighty Kids, those ages 4 through 6, have class on Sundays from 5-6pm and Thursdays from 6-7pm.

Ages 7 and up have class Sundays from 5-7pm and Thursdays from 6-7pm followed by a competition class for anyone who has gear from 7-8pm.

We also have classes on Tuesdays that are split by rank. Beginner class for white through purple belts is from 6:45-7:30 and Advanced class for red belt and higher is from 7:30-8:15.

Our current Family rate is $60* a month or $40* for an individual.

*All prices are subject to change.

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