Dance Instructor

Miss Rebekah grew up in Del Rio and, aside from a few intensives, did all her training locally until her senior year of high school. She went to continue her ballet training in San Angelo during the Spring of her Senior year. She was placed in level 2 classes which mostly consisted of 8-9 year olds. She agreed with the teachers that this would be best in order to fill in all the little gaps in her technique training. She moved up to the pre-professional level in 8 months and felt that school had given her as much as it could at that point. She moved on to auditioning for ballet companies and trainee programs across the country. By the end of the audition season she had gotten an offer to train with Texas Ballet Theater for the summer with a potential trainee spot at the end of the summer. She had to choose though between accepting that offer and traveling to an audition in NYC for Steps on Broadway’s conservatory program. She decided to take the risk and it paid off, she got accepted into the Conservatory and moved to New York that August. She spent 2 years at the conservatory training with some of the best in the industry. Such as Chet Walker, Llyod Culbreath, Nick Palmquist, Kat Ponza, and so many more! In New York Rebekah got to learn about her art form so much. Not only did she grow in her dancing she also got opportunities to learn about the business. Through seminars and hands on experience she learned about making reels and resumes; how to behave and what to expect in auditions; how musicals are made; the list goes on and on. She also got the opportunity to create a piece entitled Ocram Lost and get feedback from Janis Brenner, and other choreographers. She came back to Del Rio with a knee injury just before graduating but she is doing much better now. Rebekah has always looked forward to a time when she could help younger dancers in her situation – being in a small town and not having the money to always travel to better training can be frustrating. Her hope for this school is to provide students with a training that won’t leave gaps like she had and will more fully prepare them for a future in dance beyond Del Rio.

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