End Times? Part 3

Is it the End?

Matthew 24 – Part 3

Matthew 24:29-44 – Is it the End?
Wrap up – need your Bibles.

We have seen two movements in the Lord’s answers to their questions. Now, in verse 29 he moves to another event – answering perhaps the last question- when is Christ coming? Verses 29-33 seem to be a very abbreviated version of the events listed in the Book of Revelation.

Revelation tells of a series of disastrous judgments cast upon the earth through the Seals, Trumpets, and the Bowls. Things get progressively worse until Christ comes down to rule to defeat the nations and rule them with a rod of iron. But, Revelation 6:12-17-the Sixth Seal – talks about the sun becoming dark, the moon turning to blood, and stars falling from the sky like figs. Then the sky is rolled back like a scroll! What does that even mean? All of these things take place during the period called the Tribulation. And it does lead to the end of time.

In verses 32-35 the Lord says that when you see ALL these things you know it is close. The generation that sees those things will see the Lord come back. So that is the reason people of the church have always worked so hard to fit the current events of their lives into these teachings from Christ. They hoped it meant Christ was close.

The Lord warns them that no one knows the day or hour. We might be able to recognize the season. These signs would all have to be in existence- none missing – even then you can know only that the existing generation will not pass before it all culminates in the return of Christ.

Even if what we are seeing today is the fulfillment of these signs, we still do not know the day or hour- only the season or generation. It could take place in my youngest grandson’s lifetime, long after I am gone.

Finally, there is something described in verses 37-44 that has never happened before. People are taken. The comparison to the days of the flood is simply saying that the world is oblivious. In that situation, God put eight people on the ark from one family. This scene describes many people from different families. The Apostle Paul describes it in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The snatching away or as we call it the Rapture. BUT, you cannot know the day or hour and to be wrapped up in a debate about something Christ said you cannot know, is foolish and divisive.

But the End is Coming – even if we do not know the day or hour!
The point Christ makes is, Be ready! Are we ready? Are we sharing the news-warning others so they can be ready?

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