End Times? Part 2

Abomination of Desolation

Matthew 24 – Part 2

Matthew 24:15-28 – The Abomination of Desolation?
Part 2 – remember to get your Bibles.

Remember, the disciples had asked several questions. They wanted signs. The Lord answers them. The thoughts from yesterday were about the ‘beginnings of sorrows’-but now in verse 15 there is a move to another event – ‘abomination of desolation’ – at this point the focus seems to shift from global to Jerusalem.

This is a quote from Daniel 12:9-13, where Daniel is told these are signs for the end times. You can see more detail in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4. These passages both describe something vile that will take place before the end comes. Christ referred to this event as still to come. Paul did the same. What is it? Someone sitting in the temple as though he was God. Per Christ, those who see it had better run.

Has it happened already? No-because he said it would lead to tribulation like the world had never seen, or would ever see again. In other words, we are at best, still in the ‘beginnings of sorrows’.

The Lord says those days will be shortened for the ‘elects’ sake. Some struggle with this, concerned it means believers could lose their salvation. But it is easy enough to handle, if you recognize it as a name for Israel – God’s elect – rather than believers in general.

Then in verse 23-28, Christ reiterates his warnings. The false prophets will step up their game. Some will even say they are the Messiah. Do not fall for it, because when Christ returns as King- Everyone Will Know at the Same Time -like seeing lightning in the sky.

An interesting phenomenon has occurred in the wake of our most recent crisis. People are in tune with the same events all over the globe at the same time. Once again, scripture proves itself relevant to the times.

Believers, do not be afraid to share these things during these chaotic times. Yes, there are those who will reject you and hate you for it- but some will see the hand of God in it and respond. It is after all, a message of God’s grace that flows from his love.

Tomorrow – Is it the End?

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