End Times?

Beginnings of Sorrows

Matthew 24 – Part 1

Matt 24:3-14 – Are we in the ‘beginnings of sorrows’?
Best to read this with a Bible next to you to see the verses.

We look around at the events in our world right now and ask, What is going on? Is this the end? A quick look at Matthew 24 may help us. Christ is answering the question of when it will all end – when will he return?

He begins with a warning about deceivers. In verses 6-8 he describes a progression of disasters and then says, “These are the beginnings of sorrows” – it is not the end but the beginning of the end. Keep in mind though, this would have fit the WWI era as well – wars, famines, Spanish flu, world wide economic failure.

There are some differences. One difference between then and now is that as of 1948, Israel is a recognized nation again. An additional factor is found in verse 9 – global hatred of Christianity.

Verse 10 then talks about people being offended – betraying and hating one another. And we are certainly seeing that play out right now.

Verse 11 is another warning about being deceived. In the midst of the turmoil false prophets arise – deceiving people.

Verse 12 says to expect lawlessness. The result of lawlessness is more chaos and people become cynical and cold. We should expect to see outrageous and unexplainable acts of hatred. Look around!

The chaos provides the platform false prophets need. People will look for someone to bring order. So, they may be tempted to let their guard down and fall prey to false prophets and ideals that compromise the faith.

Christians must endure. Christians must be thinkers. They must be in the scriptures. They must stick to sound doctrine and practices. They must preach the gospel to every nation (vss 13-14).

Tomorrow – what about the ‘abomination of desolation’?

pastor jim

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